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  We build both free standing and built-in bookcases.
  Since we custom build, your particular wall spaces can
  be fully used. We can match the finish of your existing
  furnishings. (you may also want to see our "Built-in"
   Below are examples of some free standing bookcases


LEFT: Block Front Bookcase  BCF-19
This bookcase features fluted column frames with block front base and crown details. The frames also have an arched top detail. The doors are raised panel type. The crown has a dental molding detail. This is 50 inches wide x 82 inches high x 13 inches deep. Shown in Birch with a walnut stain. Available in other woods.
    These are often used in pairs on either side of an archway!
                                         Exceptional Detail!

RIGHT: Breakfront Base and Bookcase  BCF-18
This cabinet has two lateral file drawers in the extended depth center base. It is flanked by double door cabinets with adjustable shelving on each side. Above there are open bookshelves . This is shown in a Traditional style in Walnut.
This is 90 inches high x 84 inches wide. The center cabinet is 16 deep and the side cabinets are12 deep. This can be built in any size and any wood.



LEFT: BCF-18A   Chamfered corner bookcase       Notice the beveled flat panel corners which are not only attractive, but functional to help with tight traffic pattern areas. The center section features flat panel doors with storage. All other shelving is adjustable. This is shown in an 83 wide x 92 high x 13 inch deep size. We can build this any size to fit your space. It is available in many wood types.

RIGHT: Contemporary Base and Bookcase  BCF-17
This is shown in Teak and Teak Veneers with a natural finish.
The clean lines of this unit make it  easily fit into any setting. There are four sections which are 30 inches wide each. The height is 92 inches. Each base cabinet has two slab type doors. The shelving above is fully adjustable. This can be supplied with any number of sections to fit  your space.
Available in any wood.



LEFT: Matched Door Bookcase  BCF-16
This bookcase features center matched Mahogany door panels. There are also inlaid carved molding cabinet frames.
The base cabinets are 15 inches deep, the bookcases are 12 inches deep. Above there is a light soffet with a crown. This is shown 90 inches wide x 96 inches high. Available in sizes and woods to meet your requirements.

RIGHT: Radius End Open Bookcase  BCF-15
This can be built to fit any wall space. Notice the curved base and apron shape. This works well as a combination bookcase and curio display shelf. Shown in Ash, available in any wood.



LEFT:  Breakfront Style Bookcase Wall   BCF-15-A
This built-in bookcase is 16 feet wide and 9 feet high. The center cabinets are 12 inches deep with flanking cabinets at 9 inches deep. There are fluted frames, crown and matching base.
This is shown in a white painted finish. This can be built to fit your space in any wood type.


LEFT:  Contemporary Base/ Bookcase  BCF-15-B

This cabinet is 36 inches wide x 82 inches high. The base is 18 inches deep with 12 inch book shelves above. The construction is in Solid Poplar with an Espresso finish. The hardware is stainless steel. All shelving is adjustable. This can be built in any size and any wood type.


LEFT: Pediment Bookcase  BCF-14
This is a three section bookcase. The center cabinet features double doors and drawers in the base. The top has a broken pediment detail. this cabinet is 16 inches deep x 90 inches high x 30 inches wide. The flanking cabinets are 78 inches high x 28 inches wide x 12 inches deep. This is shown in Walnut, available in any wood.

RIGHT: Double Bookcase  BCF-13
This is 68 inches wide x 96 inches high. It is built in. The shelving is fully adjustable. Shown in Cherry available in any wood and in sizes to fit your needs.



LEFT: Traditional Base and Bookcase  BCF-12
This has a deep base (18 inch) with a standard 12 inch bookcase top. This is 48 inches wide. Shown in Mahogany available in any wood.

RIGHT: Single Traditional Bookcase  BCF-11
This is a 76 x 36 x 12 inch bookcase. It features Traditional detail to include an ogee base and crown with dental molding.
The shelving is adjustable. Shown in Oak.  Can be built in any wood type.



LEFT:   Bookcase / Base    BCF-11-A
This can be built to fit any area. It is shown 80 inches wide x 109 inches high x 12 inches deep.
It is available in other woods and finishes.


LEFT: Arched Door Bookcase  BCF-10
This Traditional style bookcase is 86 inches high x 32 inches wide.The doors are arched raised panel type. Shown in Cherry with a warm brown finish. Available in any wood.


LEFT: Shaker Bookcases   BCF-08 & 09
These are our basic Shaker style bookcases. They are 32 inches wide and can be built any height. They are both shown in Maple, one is natural, the other has a cherry finish.
We can build these in any wood type.


RIGHT: Deep Bookcase Cabinet  BCF-07
This is a 16 inch deep cabinet with adjustable shelving. It work well as a combination equipment and bookcase storage cabinet. It is shown in Quartered White Oak. We can build this any size and in any wood.



LEFT: Triple Traditional Bookcase with Base   BCF-06
This unit is 90 inches wide x 92 inches high. The base includes six flat panel doors with adjustable shelving. Above there are three sections of open book shelving. This can be built in sizes to fit your needs. Any wood available. Shown in Cherry.

RIGHT: Low Bookcase   BCF-05
This bookcase features raised panel ends. This is show in a 72 wide x 30 inch hight size. It has a finished back. This can be built any width and in any wood. Shown in Cherry
                                  Makes a great room divider!



LEFT: Sectional Bookcase with common Crown  BCF-04
This unit is constructed in sections that are 32 inches wide each. We can supply this in any number of units. We then fabricate a common crown that can be attached on site which makes this look like a single cabinet. This is shown in Wormy Maple with a distressed finish. Can be built in any wood.
Two sections shown......

RIGHT: Walnut Burl Bookcase  BCF-03
This is a 72 inch high x 32 inch wide bookcase. This features a Burled Walnut crown and base detail with raised bead moldings. There is a center divider and the shelving is fully adjustable. Available in other sizes to fit your needs.



LEFT: Angled Bookcase Pair  BCF-02
This is a great way to build bookcases on two sided of a window or door. They are tapered in at the window to a shallower depth. This accents the window. We can fit any area with this design. This is shown in Cherry and available in any wood.

RIGHT: White Base and Bookcase  BCF-01
This is built to function as end tables for the sofa between. The height of the base cabinet is lower than the arms of the sofa. There are double doors in each base. The bookcases above go near to the ceiling for a semi-built-in look. This is shown in a White lacquer finish.
         We can fit your space ........and fabricate in any wood!


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