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TV Pull out Detail

Built-in Large screen Entertainment Cabinet    ENT-27

This cabinet was built to house a 72 inch flat screen TV. It was built into an existing bay area in a home. There is full access behind the TV which is on a full extension pull out to allow for all wiring behind. All components are cooled by a series of built-in whisper fans. There are divided drawers to house CD, DVD, and other media. To the left and right of the TV are lighted curio shelves. Above there are six doors for storage. This was built in Cherry, and is available in any wood type of your choice.
As shown the cabinet is 100 inches wide x 96 inches high.  Traditional detailing.
Above the TV there are three component compartments. Below there is room to house controls for game consoles.


  RIGHT:           Contemporary Entertainment and Display Cabinet   ENT-27-A  

This cabinet is shown in Maple with solid Aluminum turned posts that are powder coated black. The glass shelving is 3/8 thick tempered with polished edges.

There is a soffet above with LED lighting. Below the cabinet includes pocket door storage for components, and divided media drawers. Notice how the glass shelving is notched for the depth of the TV. The size of the unit shown is 75 inches wide , 96 inches high x 22 inches deep. This can be built to fit you space and component requirements. It is also available in other wood types and with stainless posts. Shown with a 42 inch flat screen TV.


LEFT:    ENT-27B   Flat Screen TV Entertainment Cabinet

 Shown in Curly Cherry. It can be built in any wood type. This custom flat screen TV stand can be built for TVs 36 to 70 inches.

This cabinet is 66 inches wide as shown. It features two sections for components behind tinted glass doors.

There are also divided storage drawers for CD and DVD. The drawers have hand cut box joints. TV size shown is 55 inch. There is a false back to house all wiring with access to each compartment.


Left:  ENT-27-C    This flat screen TV wall cabinet has many unique features. It is shown in a 10 ft. wide size and is 90 inches high in solid cherry.

   The center TV cabinet is 19 inches deep and has pocket doors for component storage below. The TV section features removable narrow shelf units on either side of the TV. This allows for future larger TVs up to 60 inches in size. It is shown with a 42 inch TV.

Above the TV there are four custom leaded glass doors. We can design any pattern with any glass combination to fit your needs.

The TV cabinet is flanked on both sides with shallow cabinets that are 16 deep and feature chamfered corners. This can be built any size and in many different wood types.


ENT27D   Flat Screen TV Armoire  

This TV cabinet will house a 55 inch flat screen TV. Below the TV there is an open shelf that will hold up to three components. Above the TV there is an additional shelf for a center speaker. The cabinet has double doors below with adjustable shelving for additional components.

This Armoire features all hand raised panels on the sides as well as the bi-fold doors. Cabinet is shown in solid cherry and available in other wood types. This is constructed in a top and bottom section to make moving easier.



Left:  ENT27E   Large Screen TV Stand

This flat screen TV stand is shown with a 60 inch TV. We can build this cabinet to accommodate any size TV. The cabinet has tempered glass doors for component storage in the center. It is flanked on both side with media storage drawers with doors below. This is shown in ash with a walnut color. Available in other woods and finishes.

LEFT:  Traditional style Mahogany Entertainment wall
This unit consists of a center cabinet to house a 55 inch flat screen TV. (can be built any size) Below the TV there are two glass door component compartments and three divided storage drawers. Above there is a pair of glass display doors, mirrored back, glass shelving, and lighting. The two flanking cabinets have a full width drawer at the bottom, double wood panel doors, and adjustable shelving. Above each there are open bookcases.  The cabinet top is finished for viewing from above.
The cabinet features a false back system which totally hides all the wiring from the components to the TV and surround system. This is shown in Mahogany and available in any wood. This can be built any height and any width to fit your needs.



Left & Right: Mission Style Flat Screen TV Cabinet   ENT-26A

Cabinet features sliding doors with mullians at the TV area. It also has sliding wood panel doors below. The doors can be used either to cover the center section or both end bookcase sections. There is also open shelving above. Shown in Solid Cherry ........available in other wood types. This can be built to house 42 to 60 inchTVs.


LEFT: Corner Flat Screen TV Cabinet  ENT-26-B   This cabinet is specially designed to fit where you TV is too large for a true corner cabinet. We can custom build this to most any angle .....not the typical 45 degree standard. Because of this flexibility, you can view your TV at an angle that works best for you. This cabinet houses a 34 inch TV and fits in a corner with a wall of only 24 inches deep! This also houses up to 4 components and has ample space to display family photos and collectibles. The overall size of this cabinet is 57 inches wide x 24 inches deep on the right x 11 inches deep on the left x 72 inches high. We can build this any size to fit your requirements for TV sizes and wall restrictions. Just let us know your sizes, we'll do the rest. This is shown in Ash and available in most any wood.



Left:  ENT26C  White Painted Large Screen TV Cabinet

This Entertainment Cabinet will house a 55 inch flat screen TV as shown. We can build this for flat screen TVs up to 72 inches. As shown this cabinet features storage below the TV to include a speaker cloth door for a woofer, and pocket door storage for components. Above the TV there is a connecting shelf for a center speaker. The TV is flanked on both sides by storage cabinets with doors and adjustable shelving. The TV is on a pull out swivel. This is show in a white painted finish. Other colors and woods are available to meet your particular needs.


LEFT: Traditional Large Screen TV Armoire  ENT-25
This cabinet can be built to fit your flat screen TV in sizes up to 55 inches . It has pocket doors and storage drawers below.  There is room for several components above the TV. This cabinet is designed with a false back to hide all necessary wiring. This cabinet is 72 inches high, It is shown in cherry, and available in any wood.



Left and Below: Flat screen TV stand

ENT 25A- TV Cabinet drawer base  

This can be built to fit any TV size. It is show in solid cherry and available in any wood.

as shown it is 40 inches wide x 20 inches deep x 28 inches high. I has 6 drawers with removable divider to house CD.

It has two drawers with dividers to house DVDs and Blu-rays.

It also has a space for a cable box.



ENT 25B    Large Screen TV Cabinet

The Entertainment Cabinet will hold a 50 inch Flat screen TV. There is storage for multiple components and different media. This is a very detailed cabinet with hand raised panels on the cabinet sides and on the double panel hinged doors. This is a large cabinet with dimensions of 78 inches high x 56 inches wide x 24 inches deep. Is is shown in solid walnut with heart and sap wood. The cabinet is distressed for an old world look. We can build this cabinet in two sections when shipping is needed. Ask us about details!

 RIGHT:    Built-in Walnut Entertainment Wall   ENT-24
This custom flat screen TV cabinet houses a 54 inch TV behind pocket doors. Below there are storage doors and adjustable shelving. Above there are beveled glass doors for display. Notice the built-in speakers. There is ample room in the cabinet to the right for six components that are on a pull out for access. These are behind a beveled glass door so that your remote will work without the door being open. The cabinet is equiped with whisper fans to cool the equipment. Below there are drawers divided for CDs and DVDs. Notice the three individual heights of the cabinets that work well in a high ceiling area. The display cabinets are equipped with lighting and beveled glass doors. The center TV unit is recessed into the wall to create additional needed depth.
                     We can build this to fit you space!


BELOW: ENT-24-A  Built-in Entertainment wall

This wall consists of of cabinetry to display you collectables behind wood framed glass doors, The shelving is 3/8 inch thick with fully pollished edges. All interiors are lighted. Below there are cabinets with adjustable shelving.

On the right side there is a TV compartment with Bi-fold pocket doors, a false back to hide all wiring and to attach the TV. There are built-in speaker doors in both the upper right and left corners. A woofer door is at the bottom left. There are divided media drawers, and adjustable shelving behind a set of pocket doors for your components.
This is built floor to ceiling (shown at a 9' height). We can build thisto house TVs from 40 to 55 inches to fit your needs. Shown in Maple ..........available in other woods.

As shown this cabinet will house a TV up to 42 inches wide


LEFT: Entertainment Cabinet with side media storage   ENT-23
This unique cabinet features storage for CDs,and DVDs in the side compartment. Your media items are readily accessible when the doors are opened. You can easily read the titles and make a selection. There are two sets of pocket doors to house a TV and components below. (we can fit TVs up to 55 inches) Notice the radius corners and crown for a transitional look. The doors feature hand raised panels. This is shown in Alder with a golden/brown finish. Available in any wood.
           Great space saver...........lots of storage room!


LEFT: Corner TV Stand       ENT-23-A
This  corner cabinet can be built to fit your TV sizes from 40 to 60 inches . As shown this cabinet is 63 inches across the front, 28 inches high, and 25 inches deep. It is shown in a worn and distressed black finish. There are two functional drawers and four hand raised panel doors. (for reference this TV measured 45 inches across the front) This is available in other woods and finishes.
This can also be built with an open TV surround top cabinet.

RIGHT: ENT-23-B   Corner TV Cabinet with Pocket Doors
This cabinet is shown in our worn and distressed black finish. It is 30 inches high x 61 wide x 25 deep. There are a set of pocket doors in the center with three adjustable shelves for component storage. This can be built to fit your corner space and TV size. It is available in other woods and finishes.


RIGHT: Cherry Entertainment Wall with Curio Cabinets
This 10ft. wide cabinet includes a center flat screen TV cabinet with pocket doors both top abd bottom. Below there are drawers for CD and DVD storage and shelving for components.
There are base cabinets with drawers and door storage on either side. Above each is a double glass door curio with mirrored backs, glass shelving, and lighting. Shown in Cherry,available in any wood.
                     We can build this to fit TVs from 36 to 55 inches



LEFT:  Walnut TV Armoire    ENT-21
This cabinet will house a 42 inch flat screen TV.  There is a pull out swivel.
Below there are media storage drawers and adjustable shelving for several components. There are arched raised panel pocket doors top and bottom. Traditional look, shown in Walnut, available in any wood.  Other sizes available to fit your TV.

RIGHT: Pediment top Large screen TV cabinet with Curios
This unit includes a center TV cabinet that will house a 55 inch TV behind pocket doors. Above there is storage with double hinged doors. There are two flanking curio display cabinets with glass doors, glass shelving, mirrored backs, and lighting.
This is shown in Cherry with a natural finish. Available in other woods.
                This can be purchased without the curio cabinets!



LEFT: Country Entertainment Cabinet  ENT-19
This cabinet is distressed and has a blue- green weathered finish.
(we can blend with any color you need) This works well in a more rustic setting. It features pocket doors both top and bottom. This custom flat screen TV Armoire can be built to house TVs from 30 to 42 inches. 
          This will fit well with your antique country furnishings!

RIGHT: Queen Anne TV Highboy  ENT-18
This is a great way to hide a TV in any room. When closed, it looks like a Highboy, open it's a functional TV cabinet.
There are pocket doors for the TV and components, and a drawer for CD and DVD storage below. Shown in Cherry, also
available in Walnut and Mahogany.
                              Great for a bedroom!
              Can be built to house flat screen TVs up to 36 inches! 




Above & Right:  Full Bonnet Entertainment Armoire ENT-17
This cabinet has raised panel sides, full height hinged doors, corner turned columns, and a full bonnet top.
This can house a TV and several components as well as storage for media. This is shown in Cherry and available in any wood.
               We can build this to house flat screen TVs up to 40 inches!


RIGHT: 108 inch high Entertainment Wall   ENT-16
This cabinet works well in areas with higher ceilings where other cabinets just seem too small! The center cabinet is higher with the two flanking cabinets about 8 inches lower.
There are pocket doors for the TV, storage drawers, and adjustable shelves for other components. The flanking cabinets have door bases with open shelving above. Shown in Ash, available in any wood,
                  This can be scaled to fit your room!

LEFT: Low Traditional Entertainment Center  ENT-15
This cabinet is 65 inches high. It work well in areas where most cabinets are too large! This can be made to house a flat screen TV up to 42 inches. The TV is behind a set of pocket doors. To the right there is another single pocket door with adjustable shelving for components. Below there is additional storage behind three hinged doors. Shown in Cherry, available in any wood.



LEFT: L-Shaped Entertainment Cabinet  ENT-14
This cabinet is designed to fit a wall with a stairway.
This can house a smaller TV, several components, speakers, and has storage for media. It is shown in Cherry, available in any wood.
                 This is a good example of how we can fit
                             unusual shaped spaces!

RIGHT:  Built-in Stereo Closet  ENT-13
This is a closet that we converted to an entertainment cabinet.
There are adjustable shelves for the components, drawer storage for a large CD collection, and a built-in woofer at the bottom.  Shown in Walnut.
         Great way to save valuable floor space in a small room!



LEFT:   Custom Flat Screen TV Cabinet  ENT-12
This cabinet has a set of pocket doors for a flat screen TV in the center. It is flanked by a set of smaller doors with adjustable shelving. The mantle surround is matched. Great way to have a TV above your fireplace which can be concealed when not in use.
(fire box supplied by the customer) This is constructed in Poplar and finished in a dark cherry look.
                        Gets the most out of a small space!

RIGHT: Corner TV Cabinet   ENT-11
The cabinet will hold a 42 inch  flat screenTV behind the center pocket doors. Behind the lower doors there are pull out drawers for CD and DVD storage. Above there are adjustable shelves for additional equipment. There are carved inlays in the cabinet frames. This is shown in Birch with a cherry finish. It can be built in any wood. This cabinet requires 54 inches on each wall.
               This can be built for Smaller TV sizes!



LEFT: Mantle TV     ENT-10
This unique design accommodates the 50 inch flat screen TV.
The Mantle and columns are used to frame the TV for an open look while at the same time hiding all the unsightly wiring.
This can be built to fit you fireplace. It is shown in Ambrosia
(wormy maple) which gives an old world look.

RIGHT: Contemporary Entertainment Wall  Cabinet ENT-09
The wall unit is 9 feet wide. The center cabinet will house a 50 inch flat screen  TV. There are glass door cabinets to either side for component storage. Remotes work with the doors closed!
There are drawers for CD and DVD. Below the is storage with adjustable shelving behind doors. Above there is ample room for speakers. This is shown in Oak with a honey finish, available in any wood.
                  This can be built to fit your TV size!



LEFT: Cherry and Black lacquer Entertainment Center ENT-08
This cabinet is finished in flat black lacquer. The pocket doors top and bottom are in Cherry. This will hold a 40 inch TV. The flanking cabinets have smoked glass doors, glass shelving, and lighting.
                              Available to fit any TV Size!

RIGHT: Three Section Entertainment Cabinet  ENT-07
This wall unit incluces a TV cabinet in the center with smoked glass component doors above, and 8 storage doors below.
The center cabinet is higher than the two flanking base and bookcase units. This is shown in Cherry, available in any wood.
                        Can be built to fit any TV size! 



LEFT: Breakfront Entertainment Cabinet  ENT-06
This cabinet has a TV cabinet in the center with pocket doors.
It is flanked on two sides with divided pane display cases.
To the left there is an additional base storage cabinet with doors under the window. Shown in Ash, available in any wood.
             We can design to fit any wall configuration!

RIGHT: Shell Carved Traditional TV Cabinet  ENT-05
This TV cabinet has pocket doors for the TV, and hinged storage for components below. Notice the hand carved shell pattern on the TV doors. There is also a pull out swivel for the TV. Shown in Cherry, available in any wood.
                                Available to fit any TV size!



LEFT:  Basic Low TV Cabinet   ENT-04
This cabinet is designed for the basics. It has an area for a TV behind a set of raised panel pocket doors. It has a flip down door below that can house two additional components.
Shown in Maple with a walnut finish. Available in other woods.
                                    Great to hide a TV!

RIGHT: Moridillo Component Storage Cabinet   ENT-03
This cabinet is constructed in Moridillo with matched Walnut Burl door panels. This cabinet has pocket doors that open to reveal storage for 12 components to include a pull out for a record changer. The cabinet is on casters for easy access to the back for wiring hook up.
   See the Details section on our site for a close up view!



LEFT: Pop-Up TV Cabinet   ENT-02
This cabinet features a pop-up TV mechanism. There are several versions available to include remote controlled operation. This Traditional style cabinet includes hand carved shells above the raised panels. There is an ogee base.
This is shown in Cherry, available in other woods. Cabinets can be built to fit your TV size.
        This is also available for flat screen TVs!

 RIGHT:   Mahogany TV and Display Wall  ENT-01
 This cabinet will house a 40 inch flat screen TV with component storage below. Above there are glass doors and lighting for display. The two flanking cabinets feature enclosed door storage below and glass doors and lighting display spaces above. This is shown in Mahogany, available in and wood. Can be built to fit any TV up to 60 inches.                                                                                            


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