Bed Buying Guide: We’ve Thought of Everything
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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Unless you are dozing on the couch, the bedroom is primary place you sleep.  Yet many people leave it as one of the last rooms they address in terms of comfort and style.  Your guests may not see it, but you are in your bedroom every day, so it’s very important that it’s a relaxing space.


Our Bed Buying Guide has covered what size, style, and design your next bed should be, there are still a few more factors to consider:


Bed Height

Most people look for a bed that they can easily sit on and get into, while some prefer a lower profile look or a grand bed they have to climb into.  The average bed height with mattress and box spring is 25 inches, allowing your feet to reach the floor when seated at the edge of the mattress.  If you are inclined to climb, antique and four-poster beds are often built taller and give an air of opulence.  Platform beds, on the other hand, suggest a more simple or humble style, as they are the low to the ground.



If space is tight in your room, your bedframe can serve a dual purpose.  Stigler’s designs beds with built in drawers, shelves, and bookcases to add storage without sacrificing space.



Who will be sleeping in the bed?  Children are much better served in a simple bed that is low to the ground.  A bookshelf on a child’s bed can quickly become an unintended ladder and a tall bed a falling hazard.  Elderly sleepers, however, often feel more comfortable in a taller bed and may benefit from added shelving or lighting to minimize trips up and down.



If you are buying more than just a frame, or may want to do so in the future, you’ll want to choose furnishings that won’t be discontinued or go out of style.  Stigler’s is happy to create custom additions to match any room, regardless of when or where the other furniture was purchased.  Dressers, nightstands, felt lined jewelry cases – you name it, we make it.


Custom Features

Showroom floors tend to offer a small sample of beds with even fewer options.  If you are investing in a purchase that might last a lifetime, get exactly what you want.  Stigler’s offers accents and add-ons such as upholstered headboards, hand carving, and raised panels.  Our only limit is your imagination, and even then we can negotiate.

We hope we have helped you on your bedroom buying expedition.  As always, we would love the opportunity to create a bed frame or set that is as unique as you are. Contact us today and sleep well tonight.

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