Improving the Centerpiece of Your Family Room
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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

With winter weather and the holidays approaching, the focus of our family lives shifts indoors. Traditionally, families gather in two areas of the house most often: the kitchen and around the fireplace. There’s no mystery as to why we like these two warming, comforting areas of our homes, especially when winter weather rages outside.

In many older homes a fireplace may be functional, but it’s far from attractive, welcoming, or representative of your family style. Blank walls all around a fireplace or, equally bland, a mantel-less fireplace, can make it difficult to set a warming, comforting stage for your family gatherings. In addition, for a lot of homes, blank walls around a fireplace are simply a wasted opportunity for display or storage.

Installing custom cabinets around your fireplace instantly gives your family room, living room, or great room personality, style and a much more finished look.


Our skilled craftsmen can design gorgeous custom cabinets around any type of fireplace and to fit any style preferences. You can choose to have open bookshelves around your fireplace to display your library, photographs, or most cherished possessions; or choose closed cabinets to store games, movies, toys, and blankets—hidden, but right where they’re used most often.


We can design custom cabinets that function as an entertainment center and surround your fireplace while still providing a prominent place for your flat screen TV.


Our designers can work with any kind of structural details such as stone and brick, angled or recessed walls, windows, or even very tight spaces.


There is still time to design and build out the ideal custom cabinets around your fireplace before the holidays begin and your home is full of family and friends celebrating the season.

Call us today to learn more about custom cabinetry for your fireplace. Our skilled craftsmen work in any style and are always happy to help you match existing furniture in your home.

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