Bed Buying Guide: What Size Bed Should I Get?
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Friday, March 24, 2017

There are so many things to consider when buying a new bed.  You’ll need to determine on the size, firmness, and type of mattress, as well as budget and bed frame.  Mattresses can run anywhere from a few hundred dollars to the thousands. If you are shopping with someone else, answering all of those questions can become an exercise in compromise or even frustration.


Today, we hope to provide you with the information to decide which size bed would be best for you.  We’ll discuss traditional mattress sizes and where they work best.


Twin beds are often referred to as single beds.  They work well in guest rooms, bunk beds or children’s rooms are measure 39”W x 75”L.  You may have also seem Twin XL mattresses, which are 5 inches longer and usually found in college dorm rooms.  If your guest room is large enough, we recommend two twin beds on the room.  This allows you to easily accommodate two singles, or you can push them together if you are hosting a couple. 


Full beds are also known as double beds, though they are not actually twice the width of a Twin.  Until the 1960’s, full beds were the common choice among couples.  Measuring at 54”W x 75”L, most couples today find them a little cramped, but singles wanting a little extra space will be pleased.


Queen size beds are common choices in smaller master bedrooms or for couples who like to snuggle.  They measure 60”W x 80”L so they have more space than a full bed, but still less than an individual has in a twin bed.


King size beds have several names and variations.  A Standard King –or Eastern King – measures 76”W x 80”L, is the widest standard mattress available.  It’s the same size as two Twin XL beds together, so there’s ample room for stretching out.  A California King – or Western King – is the longest standard mattress available.  Measuring at 72”W x 84”L, it’s the perfect choice for very tall people.  Either King size beds works well for couples, but can make a small room feel cramped.  They are also more of a challenge to move and have been known not to fit into narrow stairwells or winding hallways.


A Split King Bed may be the most versatile bed for couples faced with the challenge of moving a large bed into a small space.  A Split King is two Twin XL beds side by side.  They may or may not be joined depending on the type selected, though they often have two separate box springs.  This allows buyers to transport the beds more easily without sacrificing a large mattress.   Some customers feel that the Split King is less conducive to snuggling as there may be a gap or indentation where the two mattresses meet, so we recommend testing several mattresses before selecting this option.


Custom beds are also an option if none of the above work for you or you have a unique space.  Though they are less common, there are still manufacturers who can create mattress to your specifications. 


Whichever size bed you choose, you won’t have any trouble finding the perfect frame at Stigler’s Woodworks.  We have decades of experiencing crafting custom frames to fit any standard or custom size mattress you can imagine.  Our clients appreciate the opportunity to customize their bedframe to their style, with features like upholstered headboards, hand carvings or drawers underneath.  The mattress selection might be hardwork, but the frame is where the fun begins.  Contact us today and you’ll see why.

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